Our Story

it all began with a passion for design...
After attending SMU and receiving an undergraduate degree in accounting, Ansley Pridgen moved to New York City and began a career in fashion. She learned much about production, design, life and hard work throughout her time there, but, in 2015, she decided it was time to move away in order to realize her dream of starting her own company. Once in North Carolina, enjoying a slower pace of life, Ansley began pursuing her dream. She spent 2 months researching the paper industry and teaching herself how to navigate multiple design programs. Then in October of 2015, she began work on a colorful and eclectic aesthetic for her new line. After a few months of painting and developing her brand, she debuted her first collection at the 2016 January gift show in Atlanta. 
Ansley believes that life is too precious to waste on passionless endeavors. As a young child, Ansley dreamed of utilizing her love for design and unique entrepreneurial spirit. Now, she is living that dream through her company, allie & elle.
allie & elle is seeking to make the world a brighter place with our glittery and eclectic designs. We hope that by creating beautiful greeting cards and prints, we can revive the practice of the handwritten note, which we believe is one of the most meaningful and impactful ways to communicate in our tech-driven world. 
We are a new shop and are so happy you stopped by to see us! If you have questions or wholesale order inquiries, please email Ansley at ansley@allieandelle.com.